Self-Help for Anxiety

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Is anxiety crippling you? Are you anxious all of the time? Do your fears paralyze you? Does a foreboding sense of doom hang over every step you take and every decision you make? IF SO, THIS SELF-HELP FOR ANXIETY PROGRAM IS FOR YOU! Designed by StayingSane101’s professional counsellors and psychotherapists, this program will guide you step-by-step on a journey where you will learn the insights, acquire the skills and gain the tools needed to manage and overcome your anxiety. Among the many things you will learn are: · What anxiety is what its symptoms are · Learn the different kinds of anxiety · Identify your anxiety’s stressors and triggers · Neutralize those stressors and triggers so you remain in control · Calm yourself out of an anxiety attack with a wide array of tips, skills, methods and strategies, including advanced breathing methods, body tension scanning, cognitive reframing and much more. · Identify and address the ultimate underlying causes of your anxiety so you can get to – and resolve – the core of your anxiety and not just treat the symptoms. · Learn how to retake control of your life and move forward on your terms. **Please make payment via PayNow or PayLah to 96529920. When the transaction is confirmed, you will be granted access to the program.**

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Hui Wen Tong
Hui Wen Tong

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