60-min Individual Therapy ($185)

Talking and being heard can be difficult for many of us. This is especially true in a world where we juggle responsibilities, roles, and societal pressure. Talk therapy gives you a chance to explore the past, cope with the present, and decide who and where you would like yourself to be. Online sessions available.

5 - session Package = $775 (SAVE $150)
10 - session Package = $1450 (SAVE $400)

90-min Couples' Therapy ($250)

When conflict arises, communicating and respecting each other’s needs can be challenging, especially when things are said in the heat of the moment. Rather than their relationship being a source of stress, couples could gain support and strengthen their relationship by learning to communicate and connect with one another emotionally. Online sessions available.

90-min Family Therapy ($250)

Any strained relationship within the family can often make family members feel isolated and helpless. One of my roles during a family therapy session would be to observe interactions between family members and pick up any negative communication patterns such as blaming, dismissing, controlling, etc. As the family uncovers unhelpful patterns and habits, they can then work on minimizing or altering the conditions that cause and contribute to the family's conflict. Online sessions available.