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Qin, School Teacher

"I enjoyed my sessions with Hui Wen as she provided me a safe space to share my deepest thoughts. She is empathetic, yet able to ask questions at the right time for me to think and consider what really matters. She also helped me recognise my self-worth and discover how I can take better care of myself. A big 'Thank You' to Hui Wen for helping me become a more confident person!"

Peter, Business Owner

"When I first stepped into Hui Wen's room, I immediately felt a sense of calmness. The extremely private setting made me feel safe. It's like I could load all my deepest secrets into a box and then store them away in some place safe.  Whether it's a serious issue or trivial problem, sometimes all you need is a listening ear.  Speaking with a 3rd person is sometimes easier than talking to a friend or family member, especially when you feel stuck and have no one to turn to. When I was feeling overwhelmed with all the chaos in my life, she taught me how to unload the burden by taking baby steps and making small incremental changes. But of course, you need pluck up the courage by being willing to open up. Hui Wen is empathetic and honest. Most importantly, she doesn't judge."

Sam, Senior Behavioural Therapist

"The biggest 'thank you' to Hui Wen for helping me become almost like a therapist for myself, guiding me to trust and believe in myself and teaching me ways to cope with and manage my anxieties. She's genuine and approachable; her work style is honest but non-judgmental and warm. I've come a long way from constantly feeling frantic and having chest pains to a having a calmer state of mind. Even though there's still work to be done, Hui Wen has helped me rebuild faith in my own journey. Now, I have more strength to go on and to invest in myself."

Edmund, Business Partnership Leader

"I met Hui Wen during the Circuit Breaker and we immediately clicked. Things just fell into place. It is not easy finding someone who understands what you are going through and who does not judge you, but Hui Wen is such a person. She helped me face my childhood issues and manage my inner struggles. I am really thankful to Hui Wen for helping me face my trauma and manage my emotions better. Nothing can say more than your own experience with her. Book your consultation and discover a better you with Hui Wen!"

Anna, Senior Business Analyst

"Hui Wen is empathetic, non-judgmental, open-minded and extremely passionate about her clients. She established a rapport and a connection with me right off the bat and has always approached our sessions with patience and kindness. She understands that healing and growth are not linear and is truly with me at every stage. Ever since I’ve met her, I can see a stark difference in my mental state. I have found closure within myself regarding certain events, I am learning how to control my negative thoughts and have finally begun the process of loving myself. She’s made me feel more brave in this journey of mental health and I feel more assured of my growth with her guidance and coaching."

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